At LegaLinguists we pride ourselves on providing a full array of Japanese language services designed to ensure accuracy, efficiency and cost savings. Our services include not only Japanese document review but also pre-review strategic consulting, document pull assistance, OCR integrity, and document triage.

We also offer post-review services related to the identification, translation and preparation of documents for pretrial discovery proceedings. It is the trifecta of our experience, legal training and linguistic capabilities that enables us to ascertain the all important legal nuance of Japanese documents and provide a smooth fruitful review process.

Pre-review Services

Strategic Consultation
Document Collection
OCR Integrity

Review Services

Triage Document Review
(Remote or On-site)
Japanese Audio Review
Sight, Summary, Verbatim and Certified Translation

Post-review Services

Targeted Subject Matter Searches Document Analysis Certified Translation


Challenges of
Japanese eDiscovery

Attorneys whose practice focuses on Japanese Companies have spoken and here’s what they say. “We’ve used translators, but the translation doesn’t come through the way it does with someone who knows the language and has the legal expertise.” Tony Weis of Vorys Sater Seymour and Pease LLP. (Credit:

Plan Ahead

Retain LegaLinguists and leverage our considerable Japanese discovery experience to create a successful plan of action for tackling this increasingly complex and time-consuming aspect of litigation. Experience is the best teacher and we know what works because of ours. We help our clients avoid the many logistical and non-logistical pitfalls associated with Japanese document review resulting in time and money saved. As attorneys we review with a legally-trained eye. We do not simply review our client’s documents for relevance or privilege. We mine their documents for any and all information that will enable them to zealously represent their clients. Contact us so we can do the same for you!